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List all Administrative Offices for Sale in Hyde Park

Hyde Park Business District New Cairo will soon become Cairo’s most prestigious and distinguished business address. The 21 sleek and modern buildings of Business District were designed with this in mind, offering mesmerizing views of lush greenery, water features, and embellished passages that are a harmonious blend of soft- and hard-scape. All of the office spaces come with at least one of many alluring views. Business District harbours 3 distinct building types each consisting of 6 floors, all of which embrace a variety of floor and design layouts that are functional, flexible and efficient in nature.
Offices start from 54m
Underground Parking
10% down payment & the rest over 5 years
Cairo, Offices, EGP 1950001, 65 Sq. Meter - Administrative Office in 90th Street New Cairo installments over 5 yrs - SE 30264