Dental Management Software:
A world-class customer focused software perfectly tailored to exactly fit our customers’ requirements.
-Dental Universities and Colleges
-Dental Clinic Networks
-Independent Dental Clinics
-Digital Image Management System

Hospital Management Software:
Our Health care software will help you to meet the challenges of patient care and financial performance. Our healthcare capabilities span the entire spectrum ranging from IT solutions and traditional Business Process Outsourcing.

VR/AR HoloLens:
Virtual reality devices let users dive into the virtual world by giving them a 3D,360 degree view of a projected digital scenery.this technology could make remote medical examinations possible, preserve the human touch of a doctor even across thousands of kilometers, help medical students simulate procedures accurately.

As augmented reality(AR),mixed reality has a bright future in healthcare .HoloLens opens up radically new ways for medical education as it is able to project the human body in its full size in front of medical students.
Thus,the organs,veins or bones will be visible
accurately in 3D,and future medical professionals will be able to analyze their shape,remember their characteristics more vividly than it is possible when studying from book

Our University and School Management System offers Administration, Management and Learning related activities. It has the option to manage students, teachers, employees, courses and all the system and process related to run an institution efficiently.
We offer different modules that can be clubbed according to the need & budget of University or schools. A University or School can choose the modules according to their own requirements and make their own system.
-Training Centers
-Online Schools
-Group of Institutions

Screen Broadcast is software that broadcasts one computer desktop to others over the LAN. It takes just a little CPU capacity to run. Based on mirror display driver, it realized instant image broadcasting and voice broadcasting, also supports remote shutdown and lock up, pointer, send messages. This is an ideal solution for education, training and demonstration at schools or in companies.

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