We all love to make the reception parties or any other occasion more beautiful and versatile and this adapt the best Lighting technology to have a wonderful experience and to boost the overall night ambiance at the function, we can use 240W Outdoor LED Flood Lights to have an everlasting lighting difference. These unique and durable Flood Lights can sustain any type of weather and on among the various LED Lights available in the market is a 240W LED Flood Light that can add more grace to any occasion.

Advantages of using 240W Outdoor LED Flood Lights:

This 240W LED Flood Light produces 33000 Lumens with the color temperature of 5700K that make everything more clear and visible.

By replacing these 240W Outdoor LED Flood Lights with 800W of MH lights, you can make a significant reduction in the overall electricity bills which can give you a chance to spend the extra earned income somewhere else.

These Outdoor LED Flood Lights are IP65 rated that protect the lights from dust and moisture.

Also, the wide beam angle of more than 150 degrees remove the dark spots from all the corners in a more effective way; you will get 5 years of Manufacturer’s Warranty in addition to 30 days return guarantee on buying these Lights.

These Flood Lights are UL and DLC certified and are an eco-friendly way of making the environment more graceful.

So install these 240W Outdoor LED Flood Lights at the party venue and let your guests and relative adore the unique lighting style of yours.

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United States, Electronics, USD 217 / Install Outdoor LED Flood Lights for More Beautiful Ambience