The LED Corn Bulb is the latest addition in the LED lighting industry and this 125w LED Corn Bulb is more powerful than the normal type of Bulb; you can use them at the commercial or residential places to witness significant lighting results. There are many different styles LED Corn Bulb available in the market that can enhance the overall brightness manifolds.

Features & Benefits of LED Corn Bulb:

• Full 360-degree beam angle: The beam angle of 360 degrees helps in illuminating the whole space without leaving any spot of darkness. It uses the latest technology chips from epistar which helps in a surround projection of light.

• Low consumption of power: The LED Corn Bulb consumes a relatively low level of energy as it can replace a source of 450W. This helps it in saving a total of 325W making it highly efficient. The high saving of energy helps in a reduced utility bill.

• High Cri & lumen count: The LED Corn Bulb has a lumen count of over 13000 helping it in providing bright intense light over a large area making it extremely valuable

• Mogul Base, easy installation: The Bulb comes with an E39 or Mogul base making it very easy to fit into the existing fixture with the socket.

• Long life: The Bulb comes with a long life of over 6 years, even if it is switched on throughout the day.

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