We all thrown housewarming parties especially when we get shifted to a newer place and invite our friends to our celebrations. The Lighting we install inside the homes have the ability to enhance the look of the place manifolds and to have the best in-house parties we can use LED Integrated Tubes inside our homes, and one among such types of lights are the T8 LED Integrated Tube Lights that are considered as an ideal option.

Specifications of T8 LED Integrated Tubes are as beneath:

These T8 LED Integrated Lights can work for at least 50,000 hours with almost zero repairing and maintenance cost.

On an average, an 8ft LED Integrated Tube that consumes 8W of energy can produce 7200 Lumens output and 5000K color temperature and you can replace it with any other form of Light that consumes 60 Watts of electricity.

The soft light emitted by this v-shaped T8 LED Integrated Tubes to offer a soothing effect to the eyes and protect the eyes from the harmful radiations.

These LED Integrated Tube Light don’t require any ballast unlike in case of fluorescent Tubes where you end up wasting your times and efforts in removing the ballast.

Get 5 years of manufacturer warranty on buying these Lights that are made up of 100% recyclable material.

So use this T8 LED Integrated Tubes and make your parties more relaxing and entertaining, also the Aluminium Heat Sink will keep the surroundings cooler.

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