We are a licensed multi-national factory for High Altitude Long Endurance Drones (or HALE). WE are engaged in development and production of Hi-Tech UAV (or DRONES) - for our special global customers. We are looking for a serious business partner. Our group of Aeronautics Designers, Engineers and Consultants are waiting. Our products are the technology and business of the future - the things that SAUDI VISION and NEOM CITY are envisioned for. It is very highly profitable with arrays of Global customers, and that this business will catch world media attention and the interest of very high government officials. If you have the capabilities and resources, or have friends or contacts that can help, please do not hesitate to call us on my mobile
0536160078 - so we can set up a meeting or presentations. What we need are Facilities Tools and Materials to start production. We have the licenses and permits granted to us after thorough examinations by the Ministries. WE can also do the production anywhere in the Middle East.