Dear All,

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته

Hope this message finds you hale & hearty.

kindly be informed that I am an Arabic / English language instructor with 8 years experience of imparting knowledge in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

I am an Indian National & presently residing in Hael Wazarat (Hara )- Riyadh. I do have my own transportation.

Educational Background:

1. Master in Arabic & English (Literature).
2. Advance Certificate in Modern Arabic & English Languages.
3. Hafiz Al Quran Al Kareem
4. Alim (Hadith)
5. Translator & Interpreter in Arabic and English Languages.

Priorities: communication skills ( reading, writing, understanding and speaking Arabic/ English fluently ( local & literature)) with 100% guaranty.

For further details, I can be reached at 0503635109.

Thanks and
Best Regards