Have you ever wondered what are the recommended Software Companies in the Philippines for the year 2019?

Many Small and Medium Enterprises do manual accounting, without even realizing that automated can bring them more advantage in terms of customer satisfaction and sales. Yes, Customer Satisfaction and Sales! There are a lot of available software companies in the Philippines that may help Philippine businesses in achieving a great customer satisfaction and higher sales. Accounting Software is in the priority list of must-haves for achieving these.

Not every business knows that there are a lot of established and world-class software companies in the Philippines (Insert Link www.qne.com.ph). Business Owners often want to know in an instant if his company’s expenses are getting high and the company’s sales status. While other owners of a small companies want to monitor their stocks and forecast whether they could still proceed with customer orders real-time. Quite hard and demanding if they are doing it manually right? That’s why software companies in the Philippines develop an array of programs that businesses in the Philippines can take advantage of.

1. Intuit (Quickbooks) Provides an online Accounting Software that keeps track of Sales and Expenses. Its Accounting software is capable to have multi-user. Intuit is based in the United States, its software price ranges from 15USD (825.00Php) to 31USD (1705.00Php) per month. Manage your business on the go- access your account and stay organized on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Unlimited Support is also available for Intuit users.

2. SAP SAP Business Software price starts from 88,000 and up depending on the business requirement or the number of users that will manage accounting, sales, purchases and inventory. The company originated in Germany and now has 180 regional offices. SAP also provides payroll and timekeeping software. In the Philippines SAP Business One is distributed by Fasttrack, Mustardseed and other software vendors.

3. Hilsoft Inc. Is a Philippine based Software developer company that provides Accounting Software that highlights it’s multi-user (unlimited) and multi-company capability, compatible to companies with branches. Hilsoft Inc. was started by Dennis M. Hilario as their Founder. The company also provides software customization for different kinds of businesses in the Philippines.

4. Zoho Corporation Zoho Corporation is an Indian company that created the Zoho Books, an Accounting Software with the price ranges from 9USD (495.00Php) to 29USD (1595.00Php) per month for subscription. Other than tracking of Invoices and Expenses, Zoho Books provide a feature that allows the clients to access a portal wherein they can view their transactions in one place.

5. Cloudtech ERP Is a Netsuite partner that provides Enterprise resource planning software in the Philippines. Netsuite the software that Cloudtech ERP distributes focuses on cloud computing giving a minimum hardware requirement for the businesses, eliminating the need for on-site hardware and software.

6. Sage Formerly known as Peachtree, Sage company started by David Goldman in United Kingdom. Sage Accounting Software has three (3) main products that caters its market; Sage 50 Pro, Sage 50 Premium, and Sage 50 Quantum each package costs 338 US Dollars, 508USD (27,940.00Php), and 1,128USD (62,040Php) respectively. The accounting software company offers variety of accounting features from essential, advance, and up to in-depth accounting. They also provide expert help and training and certification for current and future purposes.

7. MYOB, Mind Your Own Business Mind You Own Business or commonly known as MYOB is software company based in Australia. Its Accounting Software offering; ABSS Premier which costs 4,008 RM, ABSS Accounting that costs 1,792 RM, and ABSS AccountEdge that is also worth 4,008 RM and is compatible with MAC OS, MYOB was able to capture its market in the Philippines. MYOB offers its support on its website for its user’s refence.

8. Smartbooks Philippines Smartbooks Philippines started by a group of Filipino developers, aside from web based accounting software for SME’s, they also offers subscription-based software and has two main options; Lite (1,499 php) and Premium (1,999 php) monthly. For its users support, landline numbers are available on their website. With its nature and offering, Smartbooks Philippines now belongs to one of the growing accounting software companies in the Philippines.

9. QNE Software Philippines, Inc. QNE Software Philippines, Inc. is the first and only BIR Ready and multi-platform accounting software company in the Philippines that caters the needs of different business’ natures from small and medium enterprise up to the large corporations. QNE Software Philippines has more than 15 years of expertise in the field of accounting software development. QNE Optimum Accounting System the pride of QNE Software Philippines, Inc. that can cater different business requirements (https://www.qne.com.ph/qne-ph-business-software/) which costs from 150,000 php and above. QNE also takes pride on its professional and experienced team of Consultants who will help you from choosing the right package for you up until technical support and after-sales. Truly, QNE Software Philippines, Inc. is one of the rising accounting software companies in the Philippines by providing its clients the complete experience of using and utilizing an accounting software. For more details, visit QNE’s website (https://www.qne.com.ph/) or contact them thru (02) 567-4248 and [email protected]

10. JeonSoft Is another local accounting company in the Philippines, the accounting software provider has the following modules; Maintenance Modules, Accounting Modules, and Report Modules with price is yet to be disclosed. The accounting software company has available landline numbers available at their website for their clients to reach when needing help.

There are many Software Companies in the Philippines that develops Accounting Software that is designed to be accessible through Cloud, Web Portal, Mobile Application and Local Premise. Giving the businesses a wider selection of what type of System User is the most applicable to their businesses. Also, giving them endless opportunities and stronger foundation through higher sales income and 100% Customer Satisfaction rate!
Manila, Software, PHP 150000 / Recommended Software Companies in the Philippines 2019Manila, Software, PHP 150000 / Recommended Software Companies in the Philippines 2019Manila, Software, PHP 150000 / Recommended Software Companies in the Philippines 2019