our company Security Agency is a very important element in any business. It should be made a top concern for the Safety of the Employees, Owners and Customers. If Security is Weak, this is the Weak Link in your company. Loss from theft and pilferage can grow to wreck havoc on a companies resources.
We follow International Standards of Top Security Protocols
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The Capable Warrior Security & Investigation Services INC. takes great pleasure in offering with our security, detective, investigative, and consultancy services in accordance with your desired standards. Our agency is a family corporation managed by individuals who have gained significant experiences in the corporate world overseeing the security operations nationwide of different multinational companies.We have put together an overview of the Agency’s operations. We are not only capable of ensuring compliance with International requirements, but also the bechoice in providing your company with high quality of security service at an optimum cost.Our Agency is duly licensed by PNP SOSIA ( Philippine National Police Supervisory Office for Security Investigation Agencies) and its operating in compliance with the provisions of RA 5847 (The Private Security Agency Law) and is a bona fide member of the Philippine Association of Detective and Protective Agency Operators (PADPAO).We acknowledge that most of the losses incurred by business firms are due to negligence and laxity of security personnel, hence it is our paramount consideration to help you minimize if not eradicate such occurrences in your establishment by providing an effective security plan leveraging on the integration of manned security and good operating security system.