This is an Enterprise Class Tally product that helps the organization to boost the performance ideally suitable for volume data in Multi-user environment.

Tally.Server9 is a tool to improve the efficiency, security, manageability, and performance of your Tally.ERP 9, especially in a Concurrent Multi-user environment.

For Tally.ERP 9, it is an Add-on tool that provides different advantages to users in High Volume data that is accessed by multiple users.

Speed with Concurrent Data Access: All users will be able to work faster without impacting each other.

Power and Capacity: Add a large number of users without compromising performance.

Security & Control: The administrator will be able to control the visibility of physical data files and rights for administrative operations of all the users.

Monitoring and Optimization: The administrator can monitor, track and analyze user activities and analyze business models.

Zero Downtime: Users will not experience any downtime even during the data maintenance.
No Queue: Simultaneous data access instant response and high performance.

High Stability: Parallel Reading and Writing operations. Stable and responsive even in abnormal situations.

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