Dear Recruitment Team,

My name is Mohammad Davud and I am experienced in Electrical Maintainance field with the following responsibilities:

Perform preventive maintanence on all base building and critical system
 Maintain tools, order and track inventory for repairs.
 Maintain logs, document equipment repairs, adhere to daily work plan, track time and communicate daily with the operations manager and lead engineer.
 Complies with departmental policy for the safe storage, usage and disposal of hazardous materials. Maintains a clean and safe work space.
 Performs a wide variety of functions such as installation, maintenance, and repair of equipment for generating, distributing, and utilizing electrical energy
 Uses instruments to test circuits and replaces or installs new power, lights, electronic and control circuits.

If you have any vanacy in this field or thee filed please let me know.

I am in difficult situation now to get the job offer and you can cotact my number @ 36140204.

I will be waiting for your call.

Thanks & Regards,