Dear Parent,

We are offering baby sitting & Preschool Training

* My Qualification is Bsc, Msc, Diploma in Psychology and DEd Holder.
* Having more than 5 years of Experience as a Teacher.

* We are providing Pre School Training & Play Classes & Baby Sitting

We are Teaching:-

* Recognition of Alphabets(Small & Capital)
* Recognition of Numbers,Numbers in Words, Shapes and Counting.
* Missing numbers, Before & After Numbers
* Identification of (Fruits, Vegetables, Animals, Birds etc...).
* Body Parts, Colors, Action Words,
* Basic G.K with worksheets.
* Pattern writing.
* Learning Basic moral values, Personality development skills & Manners


* Rhymes
* Story telling
* Playing with different toys.
* Watching TV

Interested parents contact me...
It is located Near American Mission Hospital

Mobile number : +973 35106266