Admissions are in progress for the academic year 2019-20

“A precious gift from the parents to their child is Education”

We are successfully running a well organized home based pre school.

Preschool is very helpful to early learners and it will enhance their skills to gain confidence & motivation from their emerging abilities.

Wonder Kids Pre School provides neat, new, interesting an age appropriate activities in play and funfull methods.

Experienced and trained post graduate teacher is available to teach.

Special care and personal attention will be provided to each and every kid.

Our priorities:

Alphabets (Aa -Zz) Phonics

counting numbers (1-50)




And extra curricular activities.
Timings 9.30 am to 12.30 pm (Sunday to Thursday)
Contact # 050 382 3433 (parents can contact on this number)
Bayoniya, Al Khobar street 22 near to port stores.