EmailScraper marketing software
   You are a new entrepreneur whether you have difficulty in finding consumers.
The digital age is indeed growing very rapidly, but we often face a dilemma.
But you don't need to worry because experts always try to make a solution for you.
We here offer an application that can find the target product of your company's products.
 We named this application EmailScraper where this application can collect fb databases he can collect e-mails + mobile numbers hundreds or even thousands.
That way you can just send your product product message to them.
We also provide applications to send messages en masse in just one click so your message will be sent to thousands of contact databases that you have received before, namely by EmailScraper.
We sell here separately.
For the Emailscraper support team you don't need to worry because here we have experts in the suoport field.

Get the application immediately Only with USD: 50 you can get multiple profits.

• For mass message sending applications you can get it at link
for EmailScraper you can chat directly on my WhatsApp number.

More Than 2500 Internet Marketers Already Use And Benefit From This Software.

• Highly Targeted Audience
• Supporting Team Serving 24 hours NON STOP
• Easy to Use Even For Laymen
• Very Helpful For Finding Buyer Targets
• Can Boost Sales in a short time

1. Where did you get the email, bro?
   All emails can be sourced from Facebook.
2. The email can make Custom Audience?
    Can be bro, the email in Scrape is the real email, not the email "@".
3. How do you grab it?
   We have prepared a very clear tutorial and of course the support team is ready to help and guide until it can! remember! Only with a few CLICK you can
   get Tens of Thousands and even Hundreds of Thousands of emails you know ... Don't use complicated ...!
4. What is the License System, bro?
   The license that we provide here is annual, but you don't have to worry, for the next year if you want to extend enough with just 150 thousand.
5. What about Support Problems, bro? there are a lot of people whose support is original ...
    Can you just run money ...?
   For SUPPORT we make sure all members get Full Support! Already we have prepared a Support Team, just calm down ... we just guide until you can do it!
6. waah .. how good is the explanation?
7. What price is it?
    Cheap bro ...
8. what ???
    Very cheap, only 357 per year
9. Waa ... what can you get, bro?
    yes, the tools are bad ... hehe
10. What's the urge ??
     get tools, free updates and join group support
11. The bonus is there bro?
12. What is it bro?
     Bro, bro! niiih ...
     Vcard Generator Lite, Tutorial Ways
     Detect Whatsapp Numbers Quickly use NOX,
     Whatsapp tricks 1 number for 10 accounts (maximal), Multi Instance NOX tutorial,
     Tutorial on Login, Web Whatsapp via NOX
     and there are lots of Templates for Promotions, the Basics are Cool!
13. Great! Is there a FR, bro? hehe
     for this tool, sorry, bro, there is no FR
     The problem is just one day can scrape to hundreds of thousands or even millions of emails ...
      What's more if you've seen the bonus ...

That's how the consumers ask me.

[] Don't let yourself be left behind by the others get our application.

Free updates for additional features and
etc ..
Contact me if you want to ask.

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