Shoebox light has proven to the ideal lighting fixture to ensure safety and security in outdoor spaces like the highway, parking lots and parks. LEDMyplace has the Commercial 300W Shoebox Light which has the lumen output of approx 40,000 lumens and has the ultra wide beam angle of 150x85 degrees.

This energy efficient Commercial 300W LED Shoebox Light, which is also known as Pole light can easily replace 1000 watt energy consuming MH or HD lights while marking down the energy consumption by 80%.

Some feature of Commercial 300W LED Shoebox Light-

• Dimmable feature 0V-10V to control the illumination and save energy consumption on a daily basis.

• Emits white light of color temperature of 5700K(day white lights).

• Manufactured with inbuilt die-cast aluminum alloy housing for better heat dissipation and kept this fixture cool while being operational.

• 70+Color Rendering Index(CRI) that make the objects more clear to see and to avoid any mishappening.

• It can be operational up to 45,000 hours hence reducing the replacement cost.

• IP65 rated which means it is water and dust proof and be operational in bad weathers.

• cUL, DLC & RoHS approved to ensure it is eco-friendly and user-friendly.

LEDMyplace Canada offers you 5-year manufactured warranty and 24/7 customer support system to assist you in making the smart decision.

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