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Enjoy a quick cup of tea but hate waiting for the kettle? Need a quick ice cold glass of water on a hot day but loathe making ice cubes? Clikon's electric water dispenser has the best of both worlds.
Product Features:
Stainless steel cold tank, protecting from rust.
High-efficiency compressor with r134a refrigerant
Stainless steel hot tank with auto temperature control
Copper condenser for easy of heat elimination.
Storage cabinet.
Hot, cool & normal water.
Heating Power : 550W
Cooling Power : 100W
Net Weight : 14 Kg
Gross Weight : 15 Kg
220-240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions : 33 x 33 x 100 cm
Riyadh Appliances, SAR 350 / Water dispensor (brand new) 350 sar Hot,cool,Normal, 1