Pleasant Acrylic is a medium size fabrication company, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates which specializes in POP displays. The company is led by a management team with the aim to capture the high- growth acrylic market in the UAE through excellence in quality, service and customer satisfaction.
We are supplying following products
1. Glow Stands and Podium
2. Acrylic stands ad Color domes
3. Jewellery kiosk
4. Lighted catering display and Lighted podium
5. Acrylic wall panelling
6. Acrylic counter, Acrylic table and Baby bassinet
7. Acrylic display stand and Shoe stand
8. Acrylic trophy & tray
9. Handrail
10. Exhibition stands and Acrylic wall cabinet
11. Acrylic cone and Vertical display
12. Acrylic brochure holder
13. Acrylic cosmetic Box
14. Acrylic Sheet
!5. Acrylic Plastic
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Address: Pleasant Acrylic L.L.C, Dubai, UAE