[Welcome to start your Own company-Business setup in Bahrain]

Want to start a Business in Bahrain? It’s the right Decision!

But worried about the Commercial Registration & license in Bahrain?
Worried about Investor visa and Dependent visa and work visa, recruitment?
Worried about probability in Bahrain/GCC market (Business Plan)?

Our Relocation package is perfect for you. (Invest in Bahrain Package)
Start a 100% owned company in the Kingdom of Bahrain and market your product/service all around the world.

Our relocation package includes,
1. Commercial Registration
2. Investor visa application including RP and CPR
3. Dependent visa application including RP and CPR
4. Work visa application including RP and CPR
5. Provision of Office (virtual/Physical)
6. Provision of Accommodation (investors/employees)
7. Business plan
8. Fund relocation support
9. Facility relocation support
10. Support in Marketing the product/service in Bahrain and other GCC Nations
11. Vendor Registration/Pre-qualification with major clients

We offer a 100% refund in case the company formation is not successful at any point. * (Zero risk)

“We give priority to get your business a successful one “

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