Kamalmakeover- Baby Oil and Its Majestic Beauty Benefits!

I have always been the avid buff of baby oils. Smitten by its heavenly fragrance and soft texture, these are the most-used product from my entire stock of personal

care. Though the internet world is flooded with its utmost advantages, today, I need to share the ones that have actually worked wonderfully for me.

Post-Bath Massage:
Once you’re done with a bath and your body is still damp, give yourself a massage with the baby oil. It helps your skin to remain moisturized all day long.

Makeup Remover:
This is the best ever choice to remove makeup. You can either apply oil across the face or wash it off with a face wash or you can use soaked tissues in the oil and

wipe the makeup off your face.

Baby oil gives you a smooth and hassle-free shaving session. Apply it across the particular area (for shaving) and see your razor gliding smoothly without causing any

rashes or so.

Post-Waxing Regime:
The post-waxing stickiness on the body gives me gooey feeling and to chuck that out I resort to a smooth application of baby oil directly on the skin. It works best for


Under-Eye Serum:
If you’ve run out of your under-eye gels or creams, head to baby oil. It serves as the superlative choice to nourish your uber sensitive under eye area.

Lip Scrub:
Yes, you can make an amazing scrub out of baby oil. All you need is to mix one teaspoon of baby oil, half a teaspoon of sugar, and a few droplets of lemon juice.

Apply the blend on your lips for two to three minutes and then rinse it off with fresh water. If you follow the process at night, you will get up to soft and rosy lips.

Ditch your cuticle oil for the baby oil. To pull out a sensible manicure, it has all the essential elements. Massage it thoroughly for a mesmerizing experience.

Baby oil is an impeccable pick when it comes to taming – your eyebrows or frizzy hair. It does the entire trick flawlessly!

So, here I have enlisted a few of my personal favorite (and followed) baby oils tricks and tips!
Introduce them into your beauty regime and don’t forget to share your feedback and experiences!