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Used engine oil recycling factory for sale

Factory produces 30 ton of RECYCLE base oil (SN 350) which is used in making engine oil. The product is sell in ADVANCE. No need to wait for customer.

Apart from that, it also produces LIGHTER FUEL which is used by many factories for fueling purpose. Also it produces RESIDUE which is used in making roads,

All the material are sold as they are produced.

The only raw material require is USED ENGINE OIL ( every day 2 tanker approx) which is available in huge quantity also have very good connection with dealers.

Best Opportunity to get back refund Investment within 2-3 Years as per current market
Situation & Plant need maintenance & expansion to get good benefits.

Total Investment Approx 20 M SR.

Good investor can contact me.

Please don't waste time if investment out of budget.

[email protected]