WANTED MEMBERS FOR A UK BASED LLC AND WILL ENGAGE IN FOOD BUSINESSESS IN UAE & SAUDI ARABIA We are a division of a Limited Liability Company incorporated in England and we are now registering ourselves as a Limited Liability Company in UAE. The company will be involved in import and distribution of Food Commodities like Rice, Sugar, Cocking Oil and Lintels from Asia, EEC and Europe to Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Afghanistan. The company will establish its offices in Saudi Arabia, UAE (Jabal Ali Free Zone) and in Pakistan to carry out its business. We are looking investors members from all over the world and the highest investor will be offered a suitable position in the company with reasonable package as per market. The minimum value of one Share is US$100 and investor is required to buy minimum 100 share units i.e. Minimum Investment Unit is US$ 10,000. The estimated ROE is 15% per annuum. Please contact and forward your CV along with size of your investment in the company. We will forward you the prescribed form once we will receive your Bio Data and after due diligence. Please email us with the following details: 1. Full Name & Address & Telephone and email address (Contact address) 2. Your detailed CV describing your past work experience & your desired country where you would like to work for the company 3. Your size of Investment in the company 4. Your interest to work for the company matching your prior experience in FMCG We also need professional marketing individuals around the globe who can market the investors for the company. Please contact by email to Saleem on [email protected]