Hi, I am Abizer, a man of Pakistani origin... born, brought up and based in Tanzania - East Africa ..

Hi, I am in search of wealthy potential investors / venture capitalists who can finance me as silent business partners into my new
profitable business ventures / set ups / formations on a medium to very huge level.. !

These investment opportunities guarantees immeasurable wealth & fortune.. because these businesses are of very huge scale which needs financing on an enormous level, of course the rewards are
very fruitful too !

Some of these businesses I wish to set up include :

[1] Forex Exchange Business
[2] Importation & Trade Business
[3] Public Bus Transport Business
[4] Consumer Electronics Business
[5] Construction & Property Development Business

So if you are interested in this collaboration / merger, please kindly contact me via email for a blueprint / details of these business set
ups / formations I wish to venture..

You may like to communicate with me "LIVE".. ! So why not contact me on Whatsapp via my personal number: +255 782 745 245..

Have a nice day day ahead.. Hope to hear from you soon then.. Be blessed & take care !