No employee will like to come to the factory or warehouse especially during the nights, if the place where there are working lacks proper and sufficient lights. IF your factory or warehouse is located at an isolated place, then you need to invest in bright security lights so that the employees or workers
can feel safe to come to the place during the nights. For solving the lighting purpose effectively, you can install LED outdoor flood lights that will ensure maximum visibility at the place. Among many types of lights, you can install black finishing 150w LED Outdoor Flood Lights at the outdoor commercial complexes.

Benefits of installing LED outdoor flood lights are as follows:

* These LED outdoor flood lights come with many different mounting options.
* For instance, you can replace the existing outdoor light with this LED flood light that can be installed in various different ways.
* Also the Color Temperature of this flood lights is 5700k that provides completely glare-free light beam, the lumen output is 20,000 lumens. You can replace it with 400w MH lights to make more savings.
* These lights are IP65 rated lights and can work well in extreme hot and cold weathers as well, you will get 5 Years of Manufacturer’s Warranty on buying these outdoor flood lights.

So install these LED outdoor flood lights whose wider beam angle of greater than 120 degree is sufficient enough to illuminate huge areas and wide spaces. Also these lights are environment safer lights and don’t contain any kind of harmful chemicals such as mercury or lead inside them.

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