If you are still using those traditional forms of lights such as CFL, or fluorescent lights, then you should immediately switch from these lights to the energy efficient LED lights that not only will reduce the energy bills but will also boost over lighting ambiance as well. One such type of light that needs to replace is 50w traditional lights that can be replaced with ballast compatible frosted T8 4Ft V Shape LED at the indoor commercial and residential places.

Advantages of using T8 4ft LED tube light is as follows:

*These lights start easily without producing any kind of flickering or buzzing at the time of staring which otherwise makes the surroundings noisy.
*Also, the color temperature of these lights is 5000K that delivers neutral white light day white light to make the ambiance look more productive.
*If you switch from 50w traditional lights to 20w T8 4FT LED tube lights that produce 3000 lumens, you can make savings of higher than 75%.
*Also, these lights are eco-friendly lights and are made up of 100% recyclable products that can be contaminated easily at the end.
*For ensuring maximum safety, these lights are UL certified lights and also much stronger and durable than the existing lights that can’t tolerate any rust and to hold or too cold climatic conditions as well.

So enjoy the lighting change by switching towards these T8 4ft LED tube lights at the commercial or residential indoor places.

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