Hijama Services at your Home (Jeddah)

HADITH “If there is something excellent to be used as a remedy, then it is Hijama Cupping”. Reported by Abu Huraira.[Sunan Ibn Maajah]

The Prophet (PBUH) explained that Hijama is one of the best medicines: “The best medicine with which you treat yourselves is Hijama, or it is one of the best of your medicines,” or “The best treatment you can use is Hijama.” [Sahih Bukhari Hadith-No: 5371]

“The best treatment is cupping, it removes blood, lightens the back and sharpen the eyesight”. [Al–Hakim 4/212, At-Tirmidhi Hadith No: 3053]

Note:High Uric Acid,High Cholestrol,Frequent Urination Acidity,Constipation,Blood Thickness,Headache or Back Pain,Leg or Knee or Joint Pain,Improve male Fertility and Weakness,Asthema,Body Heat Up,Loss/Thinning of Hair,Muscle Pull, Body Fitness,Stubborn Fat Areas,Obesity,Depression,Anxiety,Heavy/Light headness.spell(sehir) Black eye(Nazar)etc Whatever problem you have we will Treat it Accordingly InshaAllah.

6 to 8 cups
Charges Sr.200 at your place.
Or Sr.140 at my home.

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Jeddah, Appliances, Hajama (cupping) services at your homeJeddah, Appliances, Hajama (cupping) services at your home