My name is Doctor Shahid Yousuf , M.D

and I work in home healthcare department

I am working in very well known Hospital since 15 years

If you need any Doctor visit at home

Please contact me at 0545445660

Better Please send details about patient at WhatsApp

Usually my visit charge is 500 Saudi riyal
With one week follow up at WhatsApp

But for beginning I am putting an offer of visit

250 Saudi riyal

With one week follow up at WhatsApp

I have 5 years of experience working in home healthcare department

Specialised in elderly patients with tracheostomy , ngt gastrostomy and foleys catheter
Also specialised in wound care managemen of bedsores
Knows all kind of milk used for feeding
Most of our patients are diabetic hypertension and stroke patients
Old bedridden patients
Also I can manage other sick people at home
Specialise in good management of blood pressure and sugar at home
Specialise in finding the root cause of problem when patient is having recurrent episodes of sickness
Specialise in teaching and caregiver training at home
We can do also all the blood test at home

For further discussion on WhatsApp


My wife is Saudi so I don't have any legal issue visiting patience at home