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Math Home Tutor | Over 15-years’ experience | Exam-preparation specialist| IGCSE O Levels| AS/A Levels

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Experienced, qualified Math tutor with a long record of success helping students overcome specific difficulties in IGCSE A-Levels & O-levels.

Handle both Edexcel and Cambridge curriculums.

Work on increasing the confidence of students in solving all kind of Math problems.

Tutoring Approach:

My approach is to work with students to identify what actually their needs are and addressing them in relation to the subject.

Students often need lots of encouragement and help to achieve some early successes in the subject which leads to increased motivation, making them believe more in themselves and in the subject, and trying harder than they would otherwise do to solve problems (increasing what psychologists call their 'self-efficacy' in the subject).

For advanced students, it's important to first identify the weak areas, Building strong foundations, then working on concise explanations of whatever key ideas have not been clear till now and coaching on giving good exam answers that are needed.


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