Families or bachelor's.youngsters any one who is foodie tasty starter food all home made strictly not using frozen chicken.

Dear all, I am providing good starter item for evening snacks, iftarr or outing. Good quantity n size n value for money..Order should be a day prior no free home delivery pick up from the location
Chicken charga 24 sar
Chicken cutlet 4 sar each
Chicken Samosa 4 sar each
Chicken balls semi dry 15 balls for 30 sar
Foil chicken per piece 7 sar
Chicken white gravy container smal 15 sar
Shami kabab 5 sar each
Chicken chilly one small regular size container 25 each
Kaadi ghosh chicken n beef 7 sar and 10 sar
Chicken roller coaster I foot long piece 35 sar
Relish cutlet 5 sar each
Chicken soup four bowl 12 sar
Honey bee kckicken kabab 5 sar each
Russian cutlet my style 4 sar each
Chicken. Malai boti 6 piece 30 sar
Chicken mayo croquets 7 sar each