Seeking Rishtey Sahih Aqeedah- Hyderbad / Middle east / Europe

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

We are a well educated family from Hyderabad(Mehdipatnam) India. Alhamdulilah on the saheeh Aqeedah of salaf us salih/ Ahle Hadith.

he is born and raised in Hyderabad.5ft 11, 34 years old. Studied and worked in USA. moved to Germany due to his interest in Germany and career prospects that were offered to him.He is in high level management in a multinational company

He is constantly bettering himself at deen and active seeker of knowledge, has studied under some famous shuyooks in America.

He was married in the past but due to unfortunate events had to divorce his wife, further details will be disclosed after the initial contact.

we are seeking

a practising muslimah on sahih aqeedah(Void of shirk and Bidah), who is steadfast and is constant in her pursuit of Akhirah.

One who understands her duties towards her Rabb and towards His creation.

we have no demands and would want to have a sunnah nikah followed by walimah without indulging in any form of extravagance.

The above is basic criteria, anyone who doesn't fit the above please refrain from initiating a contact. and we kindly urge any potential suitors to refrain from asking for our details, we are not willing to entertain such requests.

you can whatsapp the profile/Bio-Data along with pictures in Hijab