Dears Islamic Muslims Brothers (Charity Donner)
Salam-O-Aleikum Wa Rakhmatullah we Barakatu
Please I am very humbly requesting to all Muslims brothers ( Charity Donner) to favor and kind at me to give help for the sake of Almighty Allah in the Holy Month of coming Ramadan, due to I am in very swear disease sickness of blood sugar and very swear problems in my both feet’s due to blood sugar, even though due to in my both feet neuropathic and nerves damages I could be able to easily walked and my very poorness conditions I need favor and help from my Muslims brothers ( Charity Donner). I am sixty (60) years old and I am living in rental house and I don’t have any income and except support from Almighty Allah. Allah Almighty knows I am not beggar to go in the streets or road and bazaars to raise my hand in front of the peoples. Sometimes up and down is coming and happening in the lives of everyone even though some are very rich or poor, in the worlds lives are facing many exams, as said Allah Almighty in the ( Holy Quran Suratul Baqarah Verses numbers ( 155, 156 ) And we will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tiding to the patient (155). Who, when disaster strikes them, say, indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to him we will return.”) (156). So therefore, I am very humbly requesting to all my Islamic Muslims brothers to favor and help me by paying yours (Charity) in the coming month of Holy Ramadan. I will yours thanks full and pray for all of you forever till the end of life. May all of you live long.
Thanks, with kind Regards

Ali Khan
Islamabad Pakistan
Email: [email protected]
Cell #: 0092-349-1052278