While choosing the indoor area lights, we spend a lot but to make the outdoor areas more versatile we get reluctant in spending much though they help in enhancing the overall ambiance of the place. When it comes to selecting the best lighting for the outdoor commercial or industrial places we can use LED wall packs to make the entrance or pathways of the building more attractive and visible.
You can use a 120w LED Wall Pack Light to experience extraordinary lighting results.

Benefits of using 120w LED Wall Pack Light

● You can use this 120w LED Wall Pack Light for the outdoor places for a period of almost 50,000 hours with utmost efficiency. The lumen output is also 16,000 and you can replace a 420w of MH light with this 120w Wall Pack LED and can make great savings.

● The in-built photocell sensor will automatically turn the lights ON and OFF as per the lighting requirement or while detecting any kind of motion as well.

● These lights have almost zero maintenance and replacement cost which can further help in reducing the monthly expenses.

● In addition to the above benefits, you can also get 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer's end.

● This 120w LED Wall Packs don’t emit any harmful UV radiations that are otherwise harmful to human health.

Make the outer area more sparkling by using these environment-friendly LED Wall Pack Lights and increase the overall ambiance along with ensuring maximum safety of your workers and employees.

For more info please visit this site: https://ledmyplace.ca/collections/led-wall-packs/120-watt
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