Why you shouldn't install fluorescent Tubes? Fluorescent becomes quite outdated nowadays and upgrading is a spell to stay in the race. Because of this LEDMyplace introduces you 4 ft LED Tube Light as mention LED these tubes are highly energy-efficient and saves 75% of energy on a daily basis.

In comparison to your fluorescent tubes brightness, these 4 ft LED Tube Light having a far better potential to enlighten your space and consists of 4000K to 6500K Color Temperature with a high intensity of lumens output on a range of 2400 Lumens to 3000 Lumens. And you can install these tubes in your existing ballast fixtures.

Here are some reasons you should install 4 ft LED Tube Light:

• Cost-efficiency

• Ballast compatible

• High Lumens intensity from 2400 Lumens to 3000 Lumens

• 4000K to 6500K Color Temperature

• 50,000 hours of work efficiency

• UL and DLC Listed

• 5-years manufacturer warranty

• Free-Shipping on CAD 199

• 30-days return policy

To set the example of energy efficiency these single 4ft LED Tube Light can replace your 40 watts to 60-watt fluorescent tubes. And it doesn't take much cash from you starting from just at 7.22 CAD. Contact us to know more (437-800-1071).

For More Info:- https://ledmyplace.ca/collections/led-tubes/4-feet
Toronto, Appliances, CAD 7 / 4ft LED Tube Light is the best for your Homes and Offices