Do you really need a ballast fixture? Well, the answer is no, because now you can install LED tubes at your place without a ballast fixture. Yes! LEDMyplace brings for you 8ft LED Tube Single Pin work without ballast and if you are having a ballast fixture, then you just need to bypass it.

This 8ft LED Tube Single Pin is consists of a wide beam angle of 120-degree ensures the even distribution of light all over the space. This 8ft LED Tube Single Pin is having 50,000 hours of life span, which is 5 times more than your fluorescent lighting fixtures.

Here are some objectives of using 8ft LED Tube Single Pin:

• Easy-Installation

• Energy-Saving

• Flicker-free

• 5000K Color Temperature

• 120-degree wide beam angle

• The efficient heat dissipation system

• 50,000 hours life span

• FA8-Single pin type base

• Low-Maintenance-Cost

• CRI>80

• Aluminum-Heat-Sink

• 5-years manufacturer warranty

• 30-days return policy

• Free-Shipping on CAD 199

This 8ft LED Tube Single Pin is having an embedded SMD chip from epistar ensures high-performance and reliability.

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Toronto, Appliances, CAD 42 / 8ft LED Tube is the best and Replace to Old Fluorescent Tubes