Investment Proposal
Business Overview:
our company. is one of the fastest growing company engaged in the business of Trading and Construction. The company came into existence in the year 1993 with its base in
Sultanate of Oman.
Over the past year, AMT Cont. Est. has positioned itself to be able to execute projects in Oman. The company is able to leverage human resources trained in the state-of-the art technology in its fields of involvement. Coupled with this, the company has invested in heavy equipment and tools that are required in construction and fabrication works. Thus, the company is fully prepared to deliver to this clients with professional ease despite technical challenges.

In response to the changing market dynamics, the company expanded its operations in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2012 with a new establishment having two commercial registration in the name of ......... General Cont. Est. & ......... Trading Est.
The company vision is to engage in recreation an animate role in the growing construction industry and manufacturing & fabrication of Industrial Equipment & Appliances participate in economic development of the Kingdom.

What We Have?
• Office at King Abdul Aziz Road, Riyadh
• Aluminum & Steel Fabrication Factory at Exit 18 Sulay, Riyadh KSA. ( Rented Space)
Worth: Six Hundred Thousand Saudi Riyals Approx.
• Steel Structural Fabrication & Manufacturing of Industrial equipment & Plants
Location: Malham Industrial Area.
Worth: 1.8 Million Saudi Riyals Own Land, Area: 2500 sqm.
• Transportation Vehicle: 2-Camry, 1-Rav4, 1-Dyna & 1- Toyota hilux.
• All kind of hand tools, power tools including safety PPE for 40 workers.
• List of plant machineries & equipment can be furnished at request.
Work In Hand:
• Aluminum Cladding, Steel & Glass fabrication work......... , Riyadh. Project Value: 2.4 Million SAR
• Flake Ice Plant for ........ Project Value: 800,000/- SAR
• Tilting Table for Pre-Cast. Quantity: 27 piece, Project Value: 5 Million SAR.
Expected Work:
• Aluminum Works for ............ Approx Value: 5million SAR
• Telecom Tower Fabrications
• 5 proposed Flake Ice Plant at various location in Saudi Arabia.
Funding Requirements:
Factory Enhancement, On-going project completion and purchasing new machinery. Sum of (1,000,000.00) One million Saudi Riyal is required.
Exit strategy:
Fund re-payment after 18 months with profit margin of min 300,000.00 to max 500,000.00 SAR depending upon the actual net profit.
Should this opportunity fall within your investing interests, please don’t hesitate to contact the undersigned. only serious people required..
Thank you for your consideration.

Noor Uddin