How long does your tube last? Do you ever think of it, how efficient is your lighting fixture. You purchase a new lighting fixture and on that day of purchase it is working but on the very next day it runs out what can you do. This won't happen with you LEDMyplace introduces you V Shape LED Tube Light a lighting fixture having a life efficiency of 50,000 hours with a 5-years manufacturer warranty.

By installing these V Shape LED Tube Light you can save 90% of energy in comparison to fluorescent tubes. While these tubes are having a wide beam angle of 180-degree ensures the even distribution of light and covers all your space without leaving a dark spot. And these V Shape LED Tube Light are compatible with ceilings and wall mounting.

Here are the objectives of using V Shape LED Tube Light:

● Easy-installation
● Flicker-Free
● 7000+ Lumens output
● 6500K Color Temperature
● CRI>80
● 50,000 hours of life efficiency
● 180-degree of beam angle
● Aluminium Heat Sink
● ETL Listed
● Low maintenance cost
● 100% recyclable eco-friendly
● 5-years manufacturer warranty

These V Shape LED Tube Light are the integrated tubes, which means you can connect up to 4 tubes with each other with the help of a power-chord. Further, these tubes can be used in a damp location having an SMD- chip installed in it from epistar enhances the work efficiency of the product.

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