Why you required a proper illumination at your freezer or coolers? Well, being an owner of a departmental or running a supermarket you always need a freezer or a cooler to prevent your food and beverages to get rotten. And to make the proper visibility of your food and beverages to your customer install V Shaped LED Lights 5ft.

These V Shaped LED Cooler Lights 5ft are specially designed for coolers and can be operational at sub-zero temperature. Doesn't matter how long you've been using fluorescent tubes but you will never get the ambiance of light you were looking. And using fluorescent tubes leads you to high maintenance as well.

What will be the benefits of installing V Shaped LED Lights 5ft:

• Easy-installation

• CRI>80

• Flicker-free

• 4200+ Lumens output

• 5000K Color Temperature

• IP54-Rated

• 180-degree beam angle

• Aluminium Heat Sink

• 50,000 hours of life efficiency

• ETL and DLC Certification

• 5-years manufacturer warranty

These V Shaped LED Lights 5ft are made up of aluminum and we know how good conductor of heat. Which leads to a good heat-dissipation system and makes proper air flow. Further, these tubes are totally environmental-friendly and don't immense any mercury and lead.

For More Info:- https://ledmyplace.ca/products/t8-5ft-32w-cooler-v-shape-5000k-clear
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