What will be the asset of installing LED Cooler V Shape 5ft? If you are own a supermarket or grocery store you are definitely having a freezer and cold storage to store or prevent your food items and beverages to get rotten.

This LED Cooler V Shape 5ft is operational at sub-zero temperature and still works smoothly. Further, these Cooler V Shape 5ft is consists of 180-degree of beam angle ensures the statically distribution of light all over the space by elimination all dark-spot and maintains the proper visibility of the product and the customer.

Here are some salient features of LED Cooler V Shape 5ft :
•Flicker Free
•Enabled at Sub-Zero Temperature
•5000K Color Temperature
•Zero Risk of Glass Breaking
•Wide beam angle
•High CRI>80
•Aluminium Heat Sink
•50,000 hours of life efficiency
•Low Maintenance cost

This LED Cooler V Shape 5ft consists of the high quality of premium LED chips by Epistar. These Chips are embedded inside the tube in a way ensures the high operational working efficiency. And cUL, DLC and RoHS approved ensures durability and safety of the product.

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