Why we don't need fluorescent tubes anymore? Basically, fluorescent tubes become outdated nowadays while the average life of a fluorescent tube is 15,000 hours and takes up a high maintenance cost. On the other side, this 8ft LED Tube 40W having a life efficiency of 50,000 hours 4 to 5 times more than your fluorescent tubes.

While this 8ft LED Tube Lighting Fixture doesn't require a ballast and if you are having a ballast then you need to bypass it before installing it. And this 40W LED tube can replace you're any 80W fluorescent tubes and brings you an energy saving of 75%.

Here are the features of installing 8ft LED Tube 40W:

• Instant Start

• Flicker-Free

• Ballast Bypass

• 4000K Color Temperature

• CRI>80

• 120-Degree of beam angle

• Excellent Heat Dissipation System

• 50,000 hours of life efficiency

• No flickering and humming

• Low Maintenance cost

• Aluminium Heat Sink

• Free-Shipping on CAD 199

This 8ft LED Tube 40W is having an FA8 (Single-pin) base type can be retrofitted in your existing ballast fixtures. We care about our customers in the case if any manufacturing defect takes place so we have 30-days return policy with a 3-years manufacturer warranty as well.

For More Info:- https://ledmyplace.ca/products/t8-8ft-led-tube-40w-4000-lumens-single-pin-4000k-frosted-1pc
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