When we choose the LED wall pack lights with photocell sensor, we can actually make lot of savings as the photocell enabled LED wall packs allow you to save more electricity as compared to the normal tube without photocell feature in them. For creating a magnifying outdoor space, you can use an 80w LED wall pack light for making the surrounding safer and lighten.

Benefits of using an 80w LED wall pack light are as follows:

•These photocell enabled 80w LED wall pack lights are the perfect replacement to a 250w MH light with an option to save approximately 170 watts of energy per fixture.
•The LED wall pack fixture offers high luminous efficacy of 127 lumens per watt with total lumen output of 10173 lumens, also the color temperature is 5700K that is perfect for the outdoor security lighting purposes.
•The LED wall pack from LEDMyPlace is designed using superior quality aluminum that keeps a control on the excessive heat produced by the working of the lights.
•Use these 80w LED wall pack lights instantly on turning them on without wasting your time and efforts. Once installed, you can use them for a period of 6 years with 24 hours usage.
•You don’t need to spend huge maintenance or repairing cost on using these lights.
•The installation of these lights is very simple and easy, just use the plastic screws that come along with the LED wall pack fixture with an option to use them in more than one way.
UL and DLC certified in addition to 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty.

So replace those halogen lights with these eco-friendly 80w LED wall pack lights with photocell that will turn on and off on detecting any kind of motion and turn off in the absence of any motion.

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