If you own any art gallery where you are exhibiting some of the most amazing art pieces, you need proper lights so that you can make them more appealing and attract a number of customers towards your outlet. You can use a 5/6’’ LED Eyeball Dimmable Downlights that moves like an eyeball which distributed the lights evenly and uniformly.

Specifications of a 5/6’’ LED Eyeball Dimmable Downlight is as follows:

• The lumen output of this 5/6’’ LED Eyeball Dimmable Downlight is close to 1000 lumens, you can replace a 60w halogen light with this 15w LED dimmable downlight and can save 4 times more energy than using the halogen lights.

• Comes in two different color temperatures of 3000K and 5000k, where 3000k produces white or soft white glow while 5000K is ideal for the display lighting and highly productive work environments.

• This 5/6’ LED Eyeball Dimmable Downlight work with most of the standard dimmers where the dimming option ranges from a 0-10Vthis saving lot of light energy.

• Use this dimmable LED downlight instantly without any kind of delay and noise or flickering which is much more in case of dimmable halogen lights.

• Once installed, you can use these LED dimmable downlights for a period of 50,000 hours or more.

• Environmental friendly lights.

So use these 5/6’’ LED Eyeball Dimmable Downlight that comes with 5 years of warranty from the manufacture’s end that will make your investment more safe or secure along with reducing your utility bills by almost 88%.

For More Info:- https://ledmyplace.ca/products/6-inch-led-eyeball-dimmable-downlight-15w
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