Along with the lumen output, you need the soothing color temperatures of the lights as well to have a beautiful ambiance that can increase your morale to work passionately. For creating a magnificent ambiance at the workplace, you can use a 4’’ LED Eyeball Dimmable Downlight that comes with two different color temperatures including 3000K and 5000K, so that you can easily choose the one as per the ambiance.

Benefits of using a 4’’ LED Eyeball Dimmable Downlight is as follows:

• The beam angle of more than 100 degrees of this 4’’ LED Eyeball Dimmable Downlight allows the light to be distributed in a uniform way.

• With the lumen output of 700 that are produced using 10w of electricity, these dimmable LED downlights are perfect to replace a 50W of dimmable halogen light and can cut down the utility bill by almost 88%.

• These downlights are fully compatible with the majority of the dimmers that are available in the market for smooth 0-10V dimming of the light. The eyeball design of these downlights helps in adjusting the lamp for enabling different beam angles.

• These 4’’ LED Eyeball Dimmable Downlight is installed easily without much hassle and after successful installation of these dimmable downlights, you can use them for a period of at least six years.

• Comes with 5 years of warranty in addition to 30 days return policy.

This Dimmable LED Downlight comes with an E-26 base which means an Edison Screw of 26mm diameter and can be retrofitted in those fixtures that that similar base type sockets.

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