Emotional resistance and fear of change

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Emotional resistance stems from fear; fear that the pain of changing, no matter how much we wish to change, will be more than we can tolerate. By convincing ourselves that it is easier to ignore the pain, we resist change, in spite of the fact that it is often easier to face the pain and make the change than it is to resist it.
There are two types of emotional resistance:
 Emotional Avoidance
 Unconscious Negative Emotions

Emotional avoidance is the denial of feelings, possibly through the use of alcohol or drugs to dull the pain we feel, while unconscious negative emotions stem from the deeply seated fear of change and the emotional pain it may cause. Becoming conscious of these feelings is the first step to resolving and eliminating them.
When we ask ourselves a simple question, “Does this emotion serve me and my goals?” we begin to glimpse the negative emotions we need to change, the fear that restricts our growth and happiness. If your goal is to become a better person, a happier person, you must set aside these fears to move toward your goals.

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