During Ras Al Khaimah Jebel Jais Tour, enjoy a spectacular day with a view while picnicking in Jebel Jais, the highest peak in the UAE.

When you think about the United Arab Emirates, it’s generally about sand hills, transcending high rises, or the shining Arabian Sea. In the mountains of Ras al Khaimah, in any case, explorers can wander up the rough slants of rough Jebal al Jais, which at 6,207 feet is the UAE’s tallest pinnacle. Leave the surge of the city behind as you wind your way up the mountain, where the encompassing bluffs and shake strewn fields influence it to appear the surface of the moon. The perspective of the city from the best is breathtaking—especially at dawn and dusk—and dozing underneath the desert stars is a mainstream guest action. In this, too, is leasing a sports auto and embracing the uneven bends, or booking an evening excursion lunch delighted in ideal on the precipitous slants.