CIVIL & MEP Subcontractor available , looking for projects

We are CIVIL,MEP & HVAC subcontractor with a team of talented and experienced engineers, draftsman, and technicians.

CIVIL works:
- All kinds of ARCH and structural layouts, shop drawings and surveys.
- All building works and earthworks like block work, painting, plastering, tiles,
Ceiling works, asphalt work, Parkings, compressor works, sand blastering, etc.
- KNX System (commercial and domestic building automation system installation,
commissioning, testing, maintenance etc ).
- All types of Security, exit, control, turnstile and gates systems with the latest technology.

MEP works :
- Execution of all kinds of electrical and plumbing works.
- All LOW CURRENT end to end solutions is provided.
- HVAC, Fire fighting and Fire alarm design and calculations.
- All electrical systems design and calculations.
- All kinds of shop drawings, as-built drawings, and surveys.
- All kinds of AC and Duct work.

We are capable to carry out small to medium size projects.

For more details please contact : 0591019258