Xenons4u is market’s leading Philips D2S Xenon Bulb provider around UK at very affordable prices. So, if you’re looking for automotive lighting solutions that are reliable, efficient, and long-lasting trust our Philips D2S bulb.

The bright illumination of Philips Xenon headlight bulbs will alert drivers of your presence and also help you drive without straining your eyes in all weather conditions including heavy rain and fog. What’s more, the bright HID D2S Xenon bulb exudes versatility, and is the perfect replacement for models from well-known companies like Osram, Narva, GE, and more, making it compatible with any vehicle providing a D2S socket.

If you are unsure about fitment, please contact our customer support for help. Or visit our website for complete information.

United Kingdom, Auto Parts, GBP 49 / D2S Philips Xenon headlight bulb by Xenons4u