As living standards improve, people pay more attention to the lighting design home decoration. Cultural level for each family, hobbies, occupation, social object, economic strength is different, so the choice of their bedroom decorated with lighting is also a result of the actual situation in a different style. Decorative and practical lighting fixtures can be economical and practical, elegant appearance, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

"Main lights for general lighting purposes, people are accustomed to a room is the chandelier or ceiling mounted in the center of the room location. Auxiliary lamps include LED Outdoor Wall Lights, table lamps, Decorative LED Lights, etc. In addition, according to the need to re-set for local lighting or auxiliary lighting. The so-called "main lights" and "assist lamp" is a relative term, and, under certain conditions, the function can also occur replacement. Such as insufficient room storey 2.5M, the area is not large, it should not be a multi-layered set lights, particularly undesirable to install a large chandelier, can play with one or two beautiful wall lamp for general lighting and decorative role. Night studying, working together with a table lamp, desk lamp shade with translucent plastic upper diffuse light can also meet the needs of the lighting.