We all are passionate about staying fit and for the same, prefer to get involved in some kind of workout sessions so that we can lead a healthy life and can also shed those extra kilos. Going to the gym is the best way to stay fit and in shape as well, if you are also managing any gym, then in addition to buying the exclusive range of training equipment’s, you also need to consider installing proper and brighter lights as well so that the customers can exercise in a more encouraging way. Install High Bay LED UFO lights 240w at the places with indoor ceiling height of 20ft-30fts to give maximum lighting satisfaction to the customers.
Reason to install high bay LED UFO lights 240w inside gym are as follows:
* These high bay LEDs are more powerful than their counterparts and can illuminate the indoor places for at least 50,000 hours that too without producing any kind of heated lighting rays.
* These particular 240w LED high bays emit 31231 lumen and can be considered to be replaced with 1000w MH lights to save more.
* The color temperature of these lights is 5700K that is perfect to illuminate indoor places and with the right kind of indoor ambience, you will be able to attract more customers.
* The wide beam angle of 120 degree is beneficial to cover wider places and areas and you can have even and uniform lighting by using these lights.
* These lights are IP65 rated and can tolerate all kind of moisture and dust.
So install these eco-friendly high LED UFO lights 240w lights inside your gym so that the customers
can be assured of exercising in a healthy and non-polluted way.
For More Info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/high-bay-ufo-led-240w-5700k-warehouse-lighting-31-000-lumens
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