Along with providing latest and hi-tech machines to the workers so that they can work as per the latest standards, you also need to offer proper lights inside the commercial and industrial places so that they can see the things clearly and can work accurately as well. But many a times, the higher ceiling becomes a reason to worry as the traditional lights don’t offer that enhanced level of lighting, but you don’t need to feel dissatisfied as by installing LED UFO high bay lights inside the warehouse, the higher ceiling lighting problem can get solved easily. Install 150W High Bay UFO Lights at the places where the height ranges from 15ft. to 25ft.

Benefits of using 150w high bay UFO lights are as follows:

• These 150W high bay UFO lights produce 21,000 lumens and in case you are planning to change them with existing lights, replace them with 400w of MH lights.
• They are dimming lights allowing you to adjust the level of lights as per the overall ambience, also when there is least requirement of lights, you can dim them to the most reduced dimming level.
• The wider beam angle of greater than 90 degree will be helpful in illuminating the extreme corner places as well.
• You don’t need to worry about the overall lighting for at least 50,000 hours which is the lifespan of these lights and is relatively much more than the normal lights.
• You will get 5 years of Manufacturer's Warranty on buying these high bay LEDs in addition to 30 days return option on these lights.

So give you workers the best of each facility so that they can retain in your company for longer period of time, after all efficient and dedicated employees are an asset to the organisation.

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