Why LED tubes leads to low energy-bills? Basically LED tubes are known for energy-saving quality and can save 75% of energy compared to the fluorescent tube. In the wide range of tubes, we offer you T8 4ft 18W LED Tube Glass a statically designed lighting fixture for indoor lighting. This T8 4ft 18W LED Tube Glass is equivalent to 50W of fluorescent tubes by providing you the utmost brightness.

This T8 4ft 18W LED Tube Glass is having an excellent thermal heat management system, which does not lead the fixture heat up so often in comparison to fluorescent tubes. These tubes consisting glass around the fixture can trespass the light easily without any hindrance or resistance.

Here are the advantages of T8 4ft 18W LED Tube Glass :
•Energy Saving
•Instant Start
•Approx 1800 Lumens output
•G13-Base Type
•5000K Color Temperature
•220-degree of wide beam angle
•Ballast Bypass
•50,000 hours of life efficiency
•Aluminium Heat Sink
•UL Listed
•3-Years manufacturer warranty

For the excellent performance, LEDMyplace also installed SMD chips from epistar provides you the best working possible and increase the life of the product. For any doubts, you can contact us on (437-800-1071).

For More Visit Here- : https://ledmyplace.ca/products/t8-4ft-18w-led-tube-glass-5000k-frosted-single-ended-power-1-pack

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