Are you looking for a lighting fixture for you wide and low ceiling space? T8 8ft 48W LED Tube Light would be an ideal choice for your such kind of space. This tube mostly installed in garages, parking area, and many more indoor spaces.

It is a ballast bypass tube which leads to install this fixture easily to your space. This 48W LED Tube is a direct replacement of 120W fluorescent tube which tends to reduce energy consumption.

Beneficial Features of 8ft LED Tube 48W:-

Illuminate the space with bright light
80+ CRI to eliminate unreal color of objects
IP44 rated to protect the fixture against dust and water
Aluminum heat sink to keep the tube cool
Longer operational life
Brighten up space with the cool white light outcome
Last but not least 8ft LED Tube 48W, this tube is ballast bypass compatible which mean this fixture is durable for you. With the feature of thermal heat dissipation, this fixture doesn’t heat up after the long working hour which enhances its durability three times.

This fixture is UL and DLC certified which makes it safer to use. If you are operating this fixture for a long time period, it wouldn’t catch fire or short circuit alike fluorescent tube.

This fixture is just stepping away, grab this fixture with 3 years of warranty and 30 days return policy.

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